Thrive by Design

The Foundations of Growing a Business


In this course, I share with you my best tips to starting and/or growing a business with actionable steps to further develop your brand and the secret sauce to being the amazing business owner you want to be! I get real with you, share my own personal struggles, and offer the same advice that I take in my business to keep me going and growing. This guide will inspire you, provide clarity, and get you motivated to design a business that THRIVES.


Available now through 3/26/2021

Thrive by Design


Here's a closer look at what to expect in this guide:


MINDSET - fighting fear, impostor syndrome, comparison, etc. Adapting the right headspace to be a thriving business owner.


COMMUNITY - Learning how to network, grow referrals, nurture your industry relationships and how all of this can help grow your business and your income


SOCIAL MEDIA - A detailed walkthrough of how to use Instagram to bring in more of your dream clients/customers.


BRANDING - The importance of branding, how to brand, and why it's the true secret sauce of being a thriving business owner.


+ Notes section with prompts/activities to put what you're learning into action and a social media app list! / Spring Hill, Tennessee

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