Printed addressing offers a clean and upscale look to your wedding envelopes. It's also budget-friendly and saves you loads of time and hand cramps from addressing your envelopes yourself!


The Details

Printed guest names and addresses for envelopes purchased from The Artisan Abode. We cannot print on client-supplied envelopes. 


Certain ink colors will work best with specific envelope colors. If your requested color combination seems problematic, we will reach out with our concerns and offer alternative solutions. Please keep in mind that dark colored inks on light envelopes will perform best in the USPS mailing system. For white ink printed envelopes, please contact us prior to ordering.


Guests mailing lists MUST be typed and in the exact format you would like your envelopes to read. If your list contains abbreviations, then we will write your state, city, etc. abbreviated. For guest lists with more than 20% addresses containing additional lines (apt #'s, international countries, additional names, etc.), there will be a $0.50 surcharge per piece. Please send us a message prior to ordering if this pertains to you.


Should you receive envelope(s) with any errors on our part, let us know and we will provide a replacement as soon as possible. If your order contains errors that were originally listed in the mailing list, the client is responsible for a $25 set up fee + cost of new envelope(s).


Turnaround Time

All envelope orders have a minimum 2 week turnaround time from the moment we receive your envelopes and completed mailing list to the time they are completed. For orders of more than 100 envelopes, please add one week to the turnaround time for every 50 envelopes.

Envelope Printing Guest Names & Addresses

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