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R E N T A L   S I G N S

Renting your signs from The Artisan Abode is such a life saver! It saves you money, time, and a hassle! You don't have to worry about buying a surface yourself then getting it to me to add the lettering and it's one less thing cluttering your home after the wedding is over! The rental fees are fair and the policies are simple. You will sign a contract to confirm your booking, but take a look at the main details below:
1. Payment is due upfront to reserve your sign.
2. Rental periods are for 5 days. Any extra days are $10 per day.
3. If my signs are lost, stolen, damaged, or not returned, you pay a $50 fee per sign.
4. Each sign is first come, first serve. Payment must be submitted to reserve.
5. Lettering is not included in the rental price.
6. Blank signs are not available for rent. You must purchase the lettering also.
Welcome - $45.00
Menu/Bar Menu - $50.00
Program - $65.00
Gifts/Cards - $20.00
Well Wishes - $30.00
Pick a Seat - $55.00
Unplugged - $55.00
Order of Events - $45.00
Hashtag - $40.00
Photo Booth - $50.00
Send Off - $30.00
Seating Chart - $55.00 + $1.00 per name
Custom Quote - please inquire
Pricing includes basic floral designs

"Chalkboard A"

RENTAL FEE: $10.00

18" X 29"

Two Available

"Chalkboard B"

RENTAL FEE: $12.00

25" X 31"

"Chalkboard C"

RENTAL FEE: $10.00

25" X 21"

"Chalkboard D"

RENTAL FEE: $20.00

27" X 40"

Easel style, double-sided


"Mirror A"

RENTAL FEE: $15.00

30" X 36"

"Mirror C"

RENTAL FEE: $20.00

29" X 41"

"Mirror B"

RENTAL FEE: $15.00

24" X 28"

"Mirror D"

RENTAL FEE: $12.00

25" X 21"

White Wood Windows

6 panel & 8 panel window available

one of each

RENTAL FEE: $10.00


RENTAL FEE: $10.00 each

Height of hooks

can be adjusted

Tapestry Backdrop

RENTAL FEE: $65.00

Rod and hanging rope included